7 January 2019

Slow & Dirty Thoughts: 21st Century Typewriting

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the Hermes 3000

“...if anything, I’m arguing that writing might always feel slightly impure — dirty with different selves, moments, and modes we manifest to get the work done.

“So when we recall the stereotype of the isolated writer, quarantined away from the ills of socializing and the diseases waiting to infect their writing, I’d offer that the typewriter becomes another body in the room; a heftier confab than the yellow legal pad and the direct eye contact missing from the limitless possibilities of digital word processing. A presence that welcomes the impurities and says, in fact, that they are as beautiful as they are necessary.

“This is what remains fascinating to me about typewriters: they seem more and more like characters rather than machines during their continual drift into commercial obsolescence.”

2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles