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01.26.19. 8pm
Thymele Arts
5481 Santa Monica Blvd

Co-curated by The Mortuary & All-Wash-Away Sacred Harp Singers of Los Angeles
with support from Thymele Arts

$7 online / at the door

Teo Rivera-Dundas & J F K Randhawa
Tiara Jackson
Estelle Srivijittakar
Sam Congdon as Tolva
Benjamin Bekey
Amanda Wang
Giovan Alonzi
Chelsea Dright

My piece—entitled “Nobody Is Blinding Me; or, One Eyeland, Psicilia”—combines poetic experiments with the acronym “P.W.I.”, and scenes from a Slipknot music video and the 1997 TV mini-series adapation of Homer’s The Odyssey.
2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles